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My name is Jamie Cazley, I started producing at the age of 18. Growing in Essex , I was lucky enough to be surrounded by many creatives individuals in my family. Being surrounded by artists, singers, DJs and producer , I naturally followed in their footsteps , and began making music alongside them. 

At some point along my journey , I ended up managing an artist by the name of ZUZROCK. He also happens to be my cousin. while working with him I played the role of an executive producer and co director. I also ended up co producing the soundtrack with my other cousin who goes by the name Marv . funding and trying to make the dream come true, I put my everything into anything that I do. when it came to shooting the Music videos and co directing , I try my best to motivate the artist and bring the best them they can be. 

Play it by ear ? what does the name mean? .


when I went to music college, ended up spending two years not really progressing in my chosen course due to my dyslexia. I felt like college was really fast paste and the teachers not really having the time to allocate to me. So I spent most my time outside of college working with my cousins who do music and picked up beat making by ear. Hence the name play it by ear. 

Here you will find beats for all genres and all types of artists. The beats on this site are for lease and Exclusive purchase. please show to love as us producers have to eat too you know :)


Final Note : I want the world to feel exactly how uplifted I feel when I hear a beat of a particular music that like. 

Enough about me. Check out the store!




Wix Records, 123-456-7890




Karen Blanche, 123-456-789




The Bookerz, 123-456-7890


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